Increasing Your Immunity with Hydrogen-Rich Water

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Coronavirus spread is accelerating:

At 6:41pm the BBC reported on its website that the coronavirus, which originated in China and has now spread to several countries around the world, has increased its rate of spread. In the article titled “China coronavirus spread is accelerating, Xi Jinping warns”, details were provided about how the existing measures that were currently being employed are being ramped up, with restrictions on traffic to and from the affected city of Wuhan about to kick in, as well as the ongoing construction of not one, but two new hospitals, the second of which will be completed in half a month. Having previously been unnamed due to its dissimilarity to earlier outbreaks such as SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), the virus has now been labeled, “2019-nCov”, where the letters stand for “novel coronavirus”.

In spite of the apparently strong concern about 2019-nCov due largely in part to the current count of deaths being 41 people, with another approximately 1,300 infected, experts are continue to urge the public to not worry about infection. They may be on the right track, because if you can boost your body’s immunity levels naturally, without resorting to medications, there is an extremely good likelihood that 2019nCov, or any other strain of coronavirus, will not affect you more than a regular cold will.

How Corona Virus spreads?

Most people are naturally worried about the spread of a virus being reported on the news. Add to it the word “corona” and it sounds like the next new exotic killer disease that is sure to come knocking on our doors. However, nothing could be further from the truth. A coronavirus is a virus that is generally found in animals, like cows, pigs or chickens, and causes digestive issues or upper respiratory ailments. When transmitted to humans, we get respiratory illnesses, and with early detection there is a very low mortality rate. Generally, fatalities occur only when the respiratory infection goes undiagnosed and develops into something more serious, like pneumonia. But all of these possibilities and probabilities are greatly reduced if you arm your immune system with the right weapons to combat a coronavirus, or any virus for that matter.

Corona virus spreading

Hydrogen water prevents corona virus?

More and more research being carried out regarding the crucial role that Hydrogen plays in maintaining and boosting our overall health, it has now been discovered that molecular Hydrogen (H2), or two hydrogen atoms sharing their one electron each to achieve molecular stability, goes a long way in boosting anti-oxidant activity in your body. Related to the benefits of its anti-oxidant properties is the fact that molecular hydrogen helps your body cope better with oxidative stress, something your body undergoes naturally when among other things your immune system kicks in to battle an infection. According to studies like “Hydrogen Medicine Therapy: An Effective and Promising Novel Treatment for Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS) Induced by Influenza and Other Viral Infections Diseases?” and reviews of studies like “A Review of Hydrogen as a New Medical Therapy”, while there is more research to be done about the benefits of molecular hydrogen boosting the immune system, all indications are positive that it does provide benefits. In fact, the latter review goes on to conclude, “Finally, hydrogen has multiple functions such as anti-oxidant effects, inhibition of apoptosis, anti-allergic effects, anti-cancer effects, etc., so the treatment spectrum is broader than other areas of medicine.” This is excellent news for you and in particular, your immune system because now you will be able to arm yourself with a stronger immune system as a better line of primary defense against most types of illnesses that manifest from bacterial or viral invasions of your body.

If you are wondering how this research concerning molecular hydrogen does you any good, you will be very pleased to know that there are manufacturers who produce water ionizers that create a hydrogen-rich type of water through the simple process of electrolysis of water that has been filtered for total dissolved solids. In fact, in India, we at Medilight Healthcare offer you a series of Tyent Water Ionizers that will help you have access to your very own source of hydrogen-rich water, or “H-Rich Water” as we call it. Furthermore, we will soon be launching bottled H-Rich Water that will be available in portable bottles, and we currently offer large 20-litre cans for commercial and domestic use. We would most obliged if you visited our website at Medilight to learn more about how you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe by giving them the right kind of immunity boost in the form of H-Rich Water. It is our honest endeavor to help promote this technology to you so that you are protected and well prepared when viral outbreaks such as the ongoing 2019-nCov epidemics rear their ugly heads.

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